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Safety and Bully Prevention Workshops

Parent-Child Workshops for children, 1st through 5th grades


How can we teach our children to be safe without scaring them in a fun, experiential way? Our workshops introduce simple, important everyday safety skills through storytelling and interactive role-plays and guides children in practicing these skills with their adult. One parent or guardian is required to attend with their child/children.

Fee: $20 per session, $50 for three sessions

Part One: Safety In Public – Skills to Be Aware, Take Charge, and Get Help

  • Introduces safety rules for when kids are in a public place or on their own

  • Kids learn how to walk, stand and move with awareness and confidence

  • Families will learn how to create Safety Plans for when kids are on their own

Part Two: Safety with Strangers – Using Your Voice and Body to Stay Safe

  • Kids learn rules for staying home alone including with a sibling and short timeframes

  • Kidpower safety rules about strangers and when to check first/think first

  • Getting help in an emergency and guidelines to use when the plan changes

Part Three: Boundary Skills with People We Know

  • Setting effective boundaries with people they know

  • Using clear language to deal with emotional coercion and bribery

  • How to tell an adult if they feel unsafe and to persist until they get help

  • Ways to protect themselves from words that hurt

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Organize a Private Workshop

Workshop organizers include parents, teachers, administrators, directors, employers, and other group leaders. They arrange workshops for their class, school, club, business, organization, congregation – or for their friends & neighbors!

The 7 steps to organizing a workshop:

  1. Contact Tarra to discuss the topics for the workshop

  2. Choose a date and time

  3. Arrange a location

  4. Make a plan to cover the cost

  5. Sign up your participants

  6. Address logistics (i.e. parking, chairs, snacks, sound systems)

  7. Enjoy your workshop!


Contact us as early as possible in your organizing process. Tarra will work with you personally to arrange your workshop. She can be reached at kidpowerpa@gmail.com and at 303-915-5421.