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Bullying Solutions  |   Abuse Prevention  |  Skills to Keep Kids Safe

Safety and Bully Prevention Workshops

Parent-Child Workshops for children, 1st through 5th grades


How can we teach our children to be safe without scaring them in a fun, experiential way? Our workshops introduce simple, important everyday safety skills through storytelling and interactive role-plays and guides children in practicing these skills with their adult. One parent or guardian is required to attend with their child/children.

Fee: $20 per session, $50 for three sessions

Part One: Safety In Public – Skills to Be Aware, Take Charge, and Get Help

  • Introduces safety rules for when kids are in a public place or on their own

  • Kids learn how to walk, stand and move with awareness and confidence

  • Families will learn how to create Safety Plans for when kids are on their own

Part Two: Safety with Strangers – Using Your Voice and Body to Stay Safe

  • Kids learn rules for staying home alone including with a sibling and short timeframes

  • Kidpower safety rules about strangers and when to check first/think first

  • Getting help in an emergency and guidelines to use when the plan changes

Part Three: Boundary Skills with People We Know

  • Setting effective boundaries with people they know

  • Using clear language to deal with emotional coercion and bribery

  • How to tell an adult if they feel unsafe and to persist until they get help

  • Ways to protect themselves from words that hurt

Organize a Private Workshop

Workshop organizers include parents, teachers, administrators, directors, employers, and other group leaders. They arrange workshops for their class, school, club, business, organization, congregation – or for their friends & neighbors!

Contact us if you are interested in organizing a private workshop, we will work with you personally to arrange your workshop. We can be reached at and at 303-915-5421.

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